Jewel of Appreciation

Seven Jewels Animated E-Cards

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A magical bird takes flight… 

Story Narrated by: Aja Dematerra

Thank You Message:Thank you for being the place
where my heart always feels light and at home.

A solitary bird sees…

Story Narrated by: Aja Dematerra

Thank You Message:
Thank you for being there with me.

Send the Jewel of Appreciation and light up someone’s world today!

Occasions for sending Appreciation

Hugging Day January 21
International Women’s Day March 8
Siblings Day April 10
Global Earth Day Gratitude Celebration April 22
Lovers Day April 23
Best Friends Day June 8
Smile Power Day June 15
World Fairy Day June 24
World Kiss Day July 6
Friendship Day August 7
World Goddess Day September 4
Mindfulness Day September 12
Gratitude Day September 21
International Men’s Day November 19

        Mother’s Day
        Father’s Day
        Grandparents Day
        Fall and Winter Holidays/Holy Days

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