Rising Earth Creation Myths

Chapter 1  ~ The Goddess Who Dove through
the Sapphire and Emerald Door

In an infinite, invisible, timeless space,
Creation Goddess journeyed silently,
looking for the planet where
the jewels she carried inside,
could awaken and come alive.

Creation Goddess wanted one thing,
and she wanted it so very much.
She wanted the jewels she carried inside,
to awaken and come alive.

She had promised herself
and the Radiant Beings
who travelled with her,
this would be so.
And she knew,
this would be so.

You see, the Goddess didn’t wander alone.
Radiant Beings travelled with her~
a Sky, a Sun, a Moon and Stars.
They wanted the same thing as the Goddess,
they had made the same promise,
to themselves and to each other~
and they followed Creation Goddess wherever she went.

One day, Creation Goddess came to a portal made of jewels,
the sapphire and emerald door leading into
the Magnificent Oceans of Earth.
Her hands reached through the colorless winds
of the infinite, invisible, timeless space,
till they were bathed in radiant, sapphire and emerald light,
and the Goddess knew,

 This is the planet where the jewels we carry inside,
will awaken and come alive…

Chapter 1 ~ The Weaver and the Fairies

Once there was a village where all the villagers had magic inside them. It was a magical    village.    The farmers, the healers, the artists, the singers, the writers, the chefs, the gardeners, the architects, the bakers, the shopkeepers, the apprentices, the teachers, the builders, the artisans, the dancers, the dreamers, the star watchers, the musicians, the candle-makers, the water-keepers, the weavers, the stone-cutters, the animal-whisperers, and the children- they all had magic inside them, and they made beautiful things from it. They all loved doing what they did. When they did what they loved the magic came out, and they saw jeweled light, and they felt joy.

The magic inside them was a jewel. It was an eternal, limitless jewel. It was as powerful as Gaia, Sea, Sky, Sun, Moon, Planets and Stars. It had been given to them before they were born.  It was the source of their love and their joy. It was where everything they needed and desired came from. It was the jewel of the heart. But, a dark spell had been cast upon the villagers.  Cast upon them, long ago. And all of the villagers went under this spell, except the Weaver. The villagers would forget what they once did know – that within each of them there was this magical, limitless jewel.  So, they all went under the spell, except the Weaver, and when they did what they loved, they saw jeweled light and felt joy, but they didn’t see the jewel.

This meant they could forget they were eternal, limitless beings. For, without remembering they possessed within themselves the source of the jeweled light, the joy they felt in seeing the jeweled light and making beautiful things from it, was fleeting. They didn’t talk to each other about the jeweled light. They kept it a secret. It was the secret of the jeweled light each villager held alone inside. For you see, when they went under the spell they stopped knowing about the magic inside and began believing magic didn’t exist. And the jeweled light was magic, wasn’t it? So, it was better not to talk about it. Before the spell, they had been like Queens and Kings of their own magical realms. Before the spell they had laughed and danced and sang and played with the fairies in their gardens. They had freely and openly woven their love into what they did in joy, always remembering they were not their beautiful things, they were the jewels. It would be like the Sun forgetting it was a ball of infinite radiance and thinking instead it was only the rays of light shining on earth. Perhaps, it would make the Sun feel limited, insecure and small. After the spell, the villagers felt limited, insecure and small. This made them easy to control.

Chapter 1 ~ The Bird Who Dreamed.

Once, there was a mountain. In the heart of the mountain, there was a cave. In the cave there was a Bird, dreaming. The Bird had long luminous wings and many-colored feathers. She lay on the floor of the cave, listening in the dark to the silence.

One day, the Bird was listening to the silence filling the cave, when she heard a beautiful sound. Then, she heard another… and another… and another, till the cave was filled with beautiful sounds. The beautiful sounds came so close, she could feel them breathing upon her. She could see their sparkling light. Softly, they caressed her wings. They told the Bird, “Through your listening, you have called the song of the beautiful sounds to you.” The Bird plucked one of the feathers from her breast, to touch the beautiful sounds. But as she reached with the feather, the feather fell from her, and drifted into the shadows of the cave. And the beautiful sounds drew back.

From that day on, though the Bird lay on the floor of the cave, dreaming and listening to the song of the beautiful sounds, falling more and more in love, longing to be filled with the song of the beautiful sounds, she felt more and more separate. There was a darkness now, between her and the beautiful song. The Bird whispered to the song of the beautiful sounds, “My voice is not beautiful like yours. I cannot sing. What can I do? What can I do to be filled with the beautiful sounds? What can I do to sing the beautiful song?” The song of the beautiful sounds was silent.

But one day, one of the Bird’s feathers fell from her, and shone like white fire on the ground. It brightened the cave, and for the first time the Bird opened her eyes. She saw an opening in the cave, a door. The Bird rose. She walked across the cave and through the opening. She found a spiraling path and began to follow it, upwards through the mountain….

Chapter 1 ~

The Seeing Goddess and the Blind Dragon

On a violet crystal, soft as a cloud, Seeing Goddess lay dreaming at the bottom of the Sea, looking into the limitless beauty, dreaming the dreams of the Earth and Sea, dreaming the dreams of the Goddess.  Her dreams were jewels and their light danced inside her. They were  the dreams of her soul. The dreams she had carried into this world to birth. The dreams the Earth and Sea had given her to love.

The Goddess opened her eyes and looked around. She found, she had dreamed a magnificent crystalline orb around herself, a radiant palace of translucent sapphire and emerald. In the center of the palace, her eyes lit upon a large, floating shell. It carried  a shimmering, vermilion-golden fire that flickered through the palace and called to her heart.  She rose and walked to the shell. She gazed into an ocean of magical fire inside the shell ~ surging, swirling, cascading, yet tender, soft, receptive. She opened her arms to the fire. She held her hands close to the flames. She felt their gentle, breathing light spark something deep inside her womb, her heart, her hands. The vermilion-golden fire began to hum, a beautiful, vast, deep, unfolding hum. As she listened, Seeing Goddess heard the same vast, deep, unfolding hum open within herself.

From the center of the fire, dancing threads of pure radiance began to rise, and weave around Seeing Goddess, around her arms, her throat, her hips. Seeing Goddess was not burned by this divine, loving heat, she was inspired by it. She was pleased.  She felt more and more blessed, more and more lucid, more and more uplifted, as the flames lay their fabric of light, upon her skin. Seeing Goddess turned, she spun, she danced, delighting in the dancing threads of pure radiance.  When it was done, she was clothed in a shimmering, silken, vermillion-golden gown. The dancing threads of pure radiance returned to the ocean of magical fire inside the shell…

First Chapter of Awakening of the River People

In an emerald land where the sun was always dawn, and the moon and stars never disappeared, lived a people dreaming beside a sapphire river. They were dreaming the world’s first dreams. They created small, round homes on the river’s banks. They moved slowly, softly, as they swam in the sapphire river, as they walked upon the emerald land. Always in harmony with the breathing of their dreams.  The people loved the river. They loved the river as much as they loved themselves. As much as they loved each other. As much as they loved their dreams.  They received all they needed, from the flowing river, the fertile land, the sun that was always dawn, the moon and stars that never disappeared, and the dreams that were always flowing through them. The women had skin the color of the river. The men had skin the color of the land. Their sapphire and emerald colored children began dreaming the world’s first dreams in their mothers’  wombs. The people thought in harmony with the river, they felt in harmony with the river. Their bodies were filled with its song~ you are blessed, you are loved, you are worthy of all my gifts…..