Rising  Earth  Creation  Myths

  The  Goddess   Who   Dove

In an infinite, invisible, timeless space Creation Goddess journeyed silently, looking for the planet where the jewels she carried inside could awaken and come alive. The Goddess didn’t journey alone. Radiant Beings traveled with her – a Sky, a Sun, a Moon, and Stars. Creation Goddess and the Radiant Beings wanted one thing, and they wanted it so very much. They wanted the jewels they carried inside to awaken and come alive. They had promised themselves, and each other this would be so. And they knew, this would be so..

 The   Weaver and the  Fairies

Once there was a village where all the villagers had magic inside them. It was a magical village. The Farmer, the Healer, the Artist, the Singer, the Writer, the Chef, the Gardener, the Architect, the Baker, the Shopkeeper, the Apprentice, the Teacher, the Builder, the Artisan, the Dancer, the Dreamer, the Star-watcher, the Musician, the Candle-maker, the Water-keeper, the Weaver, the Stone-cutter, the Animal-whisperer, and the Children. They all had magic inside them, and they made beautiful things from it. They all loved doing what they did. When they did what they loved the magic came out, and they saw jeweled light and they felt joy. The magic inside them was a jewel…

 The  Bird   Who   Dreamed

Once, there was a Mountain.

In the heart of the Mountain, there was a cave.

In the cave there was a Bird, dreaming. The Bird had long, luminous wings and many-colored feathers. She lay on the floor of the cave, listening in the dark to the silence.

One day, the Bird was listening to the silence filling the cave, when she heard a Beautiful Sound. Then, she heard another…and another…and another…till the cave was filled with the Beautiful Sounds. The Beautiful Sounds came so close she could feel them breathing upon her. She could see their sparkling­ light. Softly, they caressed her wings. They told the Bird, “Through your listening, you have called the song of the Beautiful Sounds to you…” 

   Awakening of the  River  People 

In the time of the dawn sun, the River People were dreaming. They were dreaming in the emerald lands beside the sapphire River. They were dreaming the world’s first dreams. The women had sapphire skin, the color of the river, the men had emerald skin, the color of the land. Their skin glistened, like jewels. They were born from the River Mother, and they carried the river’s dreams.  They carried the river’s dreams, like radiant seeds, and planted them in their imagining realms, in unseen, fertile groves, and hidden, luscious gardens of creation…