Creation Goddess 7Jewels Journey

Breathe it…See it…Feel it…Dance it… Sing it… Write it… Paint it…

Dear Creation Goddess,

Remember, awaken, return…
you carry the jewels of creation.
you are Creation Goddess.

Welcome to Creation Goddess 7jewels Journey!
Welcome to discovering, exploring, and living,
as the Creation Goddess you came here to be.
As the Creation Goddess you’ve always been,
and always will be,

Now is the time of remembering,
awakening, and returning.
Now is the time of finding
your way home to
the Creation Goddess inside you.
Now is the time to shine from
your sacred space ~ your light,
your art, your colors,
your infinite radiant heart,
your dance, your song, your message,
your gifts, your truth, upon this world,
this sapphire and emerald world.

No matter how you may be feeling,
no matter where you may be looking,
Creation Goddess is here.
Even if you don’t feel or see her yet,
you will.
Creation Goddess has reappeared.
in you.
You see, it’s not possible to make
Creation Goddess disappear forever.
Creation Goddess is remembering,
awakening, and returning,
She is going home.
Wherever you are right now in your travels,
you are in the perfect place,
for remembering Her,
awakening to Her,
finding your way home,
to the Creation Goddess inside you.

No more time for
forgetting, sleeping and going astray.
no more time for sleeping on your feet.
now is the time to dance, write, sing, paint!
A new journey begins, now.
Where you get to breathe and see and feel,
what is really real, for you.
Your color-erupting-joy-exploding,
into remembering,
awakening, and returning,

Breathe deeply…
See the ocean of luminous creation before you.
Feel the sand under your feet.

Welcome, Creation goddess,
as you take your next step.
as you dive in to the
Creation Goddess
7jewels journey…
as you begin…..

with love and radiance,

Aja Dematerra