Jewel of Inspiration

Seven Jewels Animated E-Cards

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A magical bird takes flight… 

Story Narrated by: Aja Dematerra

Inspiration Message:
Everything is possible when you open your wings and trust.


A solitary bird sees…

Story Narrated by: Aja Dematerra

Inspiration Message:
Let your visions guide you
 into expanded realms of possibility.

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Occasions for sending Inspiration

World Inspiration Day January 2
Make Your Dreams Come True Day  January 13
Inspire Your Heart with Art Day January 31
International Women’s Day March 8
World Imagination Day March 14
Spring Equinox March 20
World Creativity Day April 21
Global Earth Day Gratitude Celebration April 22
Summer Solstice June 21
International Fairy Day June 24
World Friendship Day July 30
World Goddess Day September 4
Mindfulness Day September 12
International Peace Day September 21
Fall Equinox September 22
Global Oneness Day October 24
International Men’s Day November 19
Winter Solstice December 21

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