7Jewels Goddess Circles and Private Coaching

  Breathe…See…Feel…Dance… Sing… Write… Paint…

Dear Creation Goddess,

Breathe deeply…
Feel the sand under your feet…
Imagine you are standing
before an ocean of luminous creation.
Your ocean. Your creation.
What has brought you to this shore is
self-awareness, self-discovery,
self-empowerment, self-love.
What has brought you here is
your remembering, awakening, and returning,
to your original being.
You carry the jewels of creation.
You are Creation Goddess.

I offer 7Jewels Goddess Circles and private coaching.
If you’re interested in knowing about the magical,
transformational work I do with groups and one on one,
please connect!
Yet, we are already connected aren’t we?
Before we email or talk, in this magical moment we are connected.
For you are remembering, awakening, returning,
just like me.
You carry the jewels of creation.
You are Creation Goddess and
I honor you with all my heart.
I celebrate your discovering, exploring, and living,
as the Creation Goddess you came here to be.
As the Creation Goddess you’ve always been,
and always will be,

Now is the time of remembering,
awakening, and returning.
Now is the time of finding
your way home to
the Creation Goddess inside you.
Now is the time to shine from
your sacred space ~ your light,
your art, your colors,
your infinite radiant heart,
your dance, your song, your message,
your gifts, your truth, upon this world,
this sapphire and emerald world.

No matter how you may be feeling,
no matter where you may be looking,
Creation Goddess is here.
Even if you don’t feel or see her yet,
you will.
Creation Goddess has reappeared.
in you.
You see, it’s not possible to make
Creation Goddess disappear forever.
Creation Goddess is remembering,
awakening, and returning,
She is going home.
Wherever you are right now in your travels,
you are in the perfect place,
for remembering her,
awakening to her,
finding your way home,
to the Creation Goddess inside you.

No more time for
forgetting, sleeping and going astray.
Now is the time
to breathe, see, feel,
dance, sing, write, paint!
Time to reclaim your inner jewels!
A new journey begins when you choose
to be the Goddess, the Artist, the Creatress, who loves instead of fears.
When you choose to breathe and see and feel,
dance and sing and write and paint,
what is really real, for you.
To live a color-erupting-joy-exploding,

Breathe deeply…
Feel the sand under your feet….
See the ocean of luminous creation before you.
Your ocean. Your creation.
I invite you, Creation Goddess,
to take your next step…

with love and radiance,

Aja Dematerra


I work with women who are ready to have their art explode in ecstasy and create worlds with their creativity…the act of creating itself is the healer…the transformer…the guide…the shaman. it’s about integrating the “problems” so that they are really just gifts given to you so you could be a more powerful Artist/Creatress/Goddess…

with love and radiance,