7  Jewels   Goddess   CirclesandCoaching

  Breathe See  Feel Dance  Sing  Write … Paint

Dear  Creation  Goddess,

Do you want to meet and fall in love with your inner artist? Do you want to awaken to, create with, unleash and go wild with the wild woman, the wise woman, the Creation Goddess within you? Do you want to live as a Creation Goddess? When you live as a Creation Goddess everything you embody, embrace, experience and express is Art…or becomes Art!

I work one on one and in groups to inspire and empower women to discover, explore and create from their own magical realms. 7Jewels Circles and Coaching, is a multi~faceted, multi~dimensional, Divine Feminine adventure! On this flowing, goddess journey, filled with spontaneity and free of the old constructs of rigid structure I give Goddesses, 4 magical, visionary keys to open the portals of their luminous creation~ the 7Jewels Pathway to Initiation (Breathing, Seeing, Feeling, Dancing, Singing, Writing and Painting) The Goddess Who Dove Through the Sapphire and Emerald Door (one of my creation myths)  4Elements Goddess Dance, and GoddessBody Journaling. Does your heart want to set sail on this Divine Feminine adventure? Is it calling you to dive into your Goddess journey?

Breathe deeply…
Feel the sand under your feet…
You stand before an ocean of luminous creation.
Your ocean. Your creation.
You carry the jewels of creation.
You are Creation Goddess.

Now is the time of remembering,
awakening, and returning.
Now is the time of finding
your way home to the Creation Goddess
within you.
Now is the t
ime to shine from
your deep, sacred waters ~ your light,
your colors, your infinite radiant heart,
your dance, your song, your messages,
your art, upon your life, and upon,
this sapphire and emerald world!
Now is the time to rise!

With love and radiance,    Aja 


I work with women who are ready to have their art, and the art of their life, fountain forth in joy, explode in ecstasy, be unleashed through love and trust….Goddesses who dream of creating magical realms with their creativity! The act of creating itself, is the Healer…the Transformer…the Guide…the Shaman…the Source…it’s about integrating the “problems,” so that they are really just gifts, given to us so that we can be more powerful and radiant    Artists … Creatresses … Goddesses!