Divine  Feminine  Creativity  Coaching

  Breathe See  Feel Dance  Sing  Write … Paint

Dear  Radiant Being,

Are you feeling the call to connect with your Creativity in a new, bigger, more loving and free flowing way? Do you want to embrace and celebrate your innately imaginative, intuitive, inspired inner space? This sacred space is what I call the Divine Feminine’s radiant palace – where our Creativity is an organic part of our everyday life, and also the vessel through which we create beauty. I  am a Divine Feminine Creativity Coach, and I love connecting in circles and one on one with women who want to discover, dive deeper into, and live their radiant creatvity

I have a deep knowing that Creativity is as powerful and sacred as the  Oceans, Mountains, Rivers, Forests, Flowers and Stars, and as essential…Can you feel it? Here, at the very edge of the new, rising earth, something wondrous is happening. We are coming home to our true natures, our Goddess/God Selves. We are making more and more choices that say Yes! to an expansive, inspired, joyful, spontaneous life. When we embrace our higher selves, we restore balance and harmony to our magical, inspired flow. As women, we reclaim the Divine Feminine’s radiant palace, and activate the jewels of creation we carry.  

I am passionate about inspiring and empowering Divine Feminines to embody, experience, embrace and express the jewels of creation they carry. I love supporting women on their unique, soul paths. I  have traveled far from where I began and know how deep one can sometimes descend, before one Rises. I always see you as a fellow Goddess, a sister Creatrice. I celebrate your authenticity and originality. As needed, I’m happy to share with you nurturing creativity tools I’ve developed as catalysts for expansion such as, my 7Jewels Creation Streaming, Triamatu Movements, Divine Feminine’s Mirror Book, Divine Feminine’s Declaration of Creativity.

Please connect if this calls to you, if you have any questions or feel a chat would be helpful to decide if this is for you

With love and radiance,    Aja