About Aja Dematerra

I am a New Earth Artist, Myth and Fairy Tale Maker. I am also a Magical Visions Coach. The heart of my work beats in the radiant visions I receive in deep creative meditation and visualization. These downloads of inspiration, unfold in an intuitive and visceral way, as pictures telling a story, moving pictures in my body. All my creative expressions are rooted in Mother Earth and the reclaiming of the Divine Feminine.

I have been writing poetry, singing and practicing the sacred art of ancient women’s dance all my life. One day I was moved to begin painting my primal, feminine dance on canvas…thus began my life as an Artist…

On another day, I received a beautiful, life-changing vision whose story compelled me to begin writing.Thus began my life as a  Myth and Fairy Tale Maker… I dove into this magical realm.This realm whose colors shone with a vibrancy I had not seen before, where everything was bathed in a heightened spiritual and sensual awareness, filled with radiant, wise beings. I wanted to stay there forever. I began painting from this realm as well as writing creation myths and fairy tales. I wanted to be able to share what I knew with everyone. And so, I have been doing just that in one form or another ever since!

With Love and Radiance,

    Aja Dematerra